Pool la-la…

You’ve chosen that favourite spot as your base for the day and are laid out under the warm morning sun. Books/Kindle, magazine and a cooling dip are all on hand. Mid-morning, if you’re lucky, a restless guest will appear with an ice cold drink in hand – this is the life!

At lunchtime you grab a sarong or t-shirt and make your way to the table, shaded and ready for an alfresco lunch. Afterwards, with minimal effort, you flop under the shade of a poolside umbrella to sleep it off.

After a little snooze, you’re ready for a cooling dip and possibly even a few lengths, ready to work up an appetite for supper. Or perhaps you’ll think about it but decide to roll over and finish that book!

Founders picks… Fancy dipping your toes into these gorgeous pools!


Name: Villa Montana
Location: Naxos, The Greek Islands


  • A secluded oasis
  • Stylish outdoor living
  • Fabulous sea views
  • Beach close by

Name: Lighthouse Villa
Location: Mykonos, The Greek


  • Stunning location and views
  • Private infinity pool
  • Spacious outdoor living
  • Concierge services


Name: Villa Monza
Location: Antiparos, The Greek Islands


  • Contemporary coastal cool
  • Luxurious outdoor living space
  • Beach on your doorstep
  • Shared tennis & basketball courts


Name: Villa Alegria
Location: Algarve, Portugal


  • Beach on your doorstep
  • Contemporary coastal cool
  • All amenities close by


Name: Villa Skylon
Location: Mykonos, The Greek Islands


  • On the beach
  • Spacious pool-side lounge
  • Views over the turquoise seascape


Go on, indulge… this is your much anticipated holiday after all.  Just sit back and remember, all that you need to do is… nothing!

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