Santorini Sojourn

Breathtaking Santorini is one of the many Cycladic islands. It has grown into one of the most popular and enchanting of all the Greek Islands, with its iconic caldera and cliff-clinging whitewashed villages, which overlook the still-smouldering volcano across the expanse of… Continue Reading

Stylish and contemporary living at it’s best

Villa Milo is an ultra-modern cave-style summer house on the remarkable island of Ios. The characteristics of this cave houses is unique and it blends into the surroundings achieved by the use of natural materials and the restoration of the… Continue Reading

It’s been so long… We’ve become lapsed bloggers recently – but that’s about to change!

It’s been ages since we’ve blogged properly and we sort of got out of the blogging habit – but we haven’t been sitting on our laurels, we’ve been busy discovering gorgeous new places to send you to this year, so… Continue Reading